What DO Women Want?

We want to be heard, to be valued, to be respected – whether we choose to be Mothers, Carers, Corporate Professionals, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers . . . or Politicians.

We want every woman in Australia and Australia’s Politicians to recognise that we HAVE a voice, that we have unique and specific concerns, that we demand action and change. We want those in power to listen to us, to take women’s issues seriously, to stop sidelining and ignoring us. To stop thinking that we can be pacified by platitudes, to stop patronising us and to start to understand that women’s perspectives on the world we live in are often very different, but are linked by common threads.

We want women to take THEMSELVES seriously, their constitutional right to vote, and their right to be part of the political process by uniting with others with shared goals, visions and dreams . . . for our children, and our children’s children.

What Women Want (Australia) is dedicated to raising and addressing issues affecting Australian women. We want our parliaments to be more representative of the Australian population. Despite the recent landmark event of Australia witnessing our first female Prime Minister of 76 senators in Federal Parliament, only 26 are women. Out of 150 Members of the House of Representatives, only 40 are women. The major parties are still ‘boys clubs’ We are not being heard.

We believe that with more women in power there would be more honesty, transparency and integrity in Australian politics. That the serious issues of climate change, the global financial crisis, healthcare and education would be addressed as priorities.

Women have been fighting for equality all our lives, with What Women Want we finally have a voice and we WILL be heard.

Be part of the revolution. Join now.

Tips For Identifying The Top Options In Computer Repairs Melbourne Locals Can Use

Tips For Identifying The Top Options In Computer Repairs Melbourne Locals Can Use

There are many options in computer repairs Melbourne companies can pursue. When computer systems go down, it is important to have a feasible strategy in place for quickly getting these back up again. As you shop around for a provider, you should be focused on saving money and time and getting great value. Following are some of the top factors to consider when reviewing the available options in local IT repair solutions.

Save Money With The Computer Repairs Melbourne Locals Trust

Your business should be able to save money with the services for 1300 fix now computer repairs Melbourne professionals are offering. This is why it is vital to consider the prices of at least three businesses before finalising your hiring decision. Look for flexible plans that are designed to fit a diverse range of needs. Companies that take a one-size-fits-all approach to IT repairs may not provide the best value.

Options In Remote Support

The best options in computer repairs Melbourne locals have access to are offered remotely. With remote support, there is no need to wait for a trained technician to come into your office. Your provider can assume control over your computer and identify and resolve problems from a secondary location. Diagnostics and repairs can be completed in mere minutes and there are no costly transportation expenses to reimburse. Remote support solutions are currently the fastest and most effective repair services out there.

Improved Performance

You don’t have to have major IT issues on your hands in order to search for companies that offer computer repairs Melbourne locals can trust. Many of these entities have a number of services and solutions for optimising the performance of all IT equipment. For instance, these companies can clean registries, defragment hard drives and eliminate all downloads and files that are no longer in use. With their help, you can attain far higher levels of efficiency while preventing a large number of common IT problems.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane Residents Can Trust

Bond Cleaning Brisbane Residents Can Trust

Bond cleaning in Brisbane is all about preparing a home for moving out. If a person has a commercial or residential lease and wishes to leave the property looking as beautiful as it did the day he first entered it, professional bond cleaning can be a smart and practical choice. Not only is professional bond cleaning important for leaving a home or office space looking pristine and clean, but it’s also important for bond return purposes. If a tenant leaves an apartment looking a mess, his rental property manager may refuse to give him back his money. Bond cleaning in Brisbane can help people avoid those frustrating, stressful and often extremely time-consuming situations. 

Businesses that offer bond cleaning in Brisbane are extremely plentiful. Many Brisbane residents receive professional bond cleaning services prior to vacating their residences. The same goes for people who rent commercial spaces in Brisbane. Cheap Bond cleaning Brisbane www.qualitycleaningservices.com.au are all about thinking ahead. They help prevent unnecessary stress and hassles for people who are already busy with the moving process.

People can search for bond cleaning in Brisbane by using the Internet. Cleaning companies often have websites that indicate the exact bond cleaning work they offer (kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control, etc.) and their prices. Customers who are interested can also often request service quotes through these business websites. These websites often make finding appropriate companies a much easier and more convenient process.

If a commercial or residential lease holder in Brisbane wishes to find a reliable bond cleaning company, he can also turn to his neighbours for advice. If a person has a neighbour who just recently moved in, he may know of a new cleaning business that provides extremely reliable and efficient bond cleaning work. People who are good researchers and who don’t rush can usually find excellent bond cleaning in Brisbane. It’s crucial for people to remember that a good professional cleaning job can mean the difference between getting a bond back promptly and not getting it back at all.

Tips for Running in Barefoot Merrell Shoes

Tips for Running in Barefoot Merrell Shoes

Many people switch to barefoot Merrell shoes because they’re having trouble with injuries like IT Band Syndrome. They are running 4-10 miles a day and they hope the barefoot shoes can help them run more naturally and get rid of these issues. However, there are some important tips you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of making the switch to barefoot Merrell shoes.

1. Start by walking. 
Your feet need a lot of time to get used to running in the barefoot Merrell shoes at http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/brand-merrell. If you start out right away, you stand a huge chance of injuring yourself. Instead, start by walking a mile or two every day, breaking in both your feet and the shoes. 

2. Stretch better than ever. 
If you’re running four miles or more a day, you now how helpful stretching can be, but you need to step it up with the barefoot Merrell shoes. You must stretch at the beginning and end of your run, with a focus on your ankles. This is going to change your running style, so having your body as loose as possible is only going to help. 

3. Build it up. 
Never start out with barefoot Merrell shoes and just do your normal run. It may be frustrating, but you have to start small and build back up, just like you did when you started running. Begin by running no more than a mile. You’ll build up faster since you’re in good shape, but you do have to take your time.

How to Choose a Professional in Web Design Melbourne Can Provide

How to Choose a Professional in Web Design Melbourne Can Provide

Sitting and pondering the layout of your website can seem an arduous task. Receiving an outside perspective, however, helps you to understand the flaws in the website but also the strengths that can address those weaknesses. Hiring a professional in web design Melbourne has to offer, particularly one that has experience in your niche, can amplify the success of your page.

Choosing Relevant Web Design Melbourne gmgweb.com.au Has to Offer
When selecting a web design team, interviewing the experts about their experience is wise. Many companies transition from business to business with ease even when they do not possess specific experience of the niche. However, imagine how proficient your website would look if you worked with web design Melbourne experts who have crafted pages in your field before. While niche experience isn’t necessary for a visually appealing website, it does help.

Reviewing the Company’s Portfolio
As you are interviewing different companies for web design Melbourne, you might feel a bit lost in the dark. After all, choosing a company that relies so heavily on visual appeal is difficult when you cannot see what other work the business has done. Some web design Melbourne experts may have certain privacy clauses that prevent them from comprehensively showing you their work. However, when that is not the case, ask to see a portfolio so that you can see if the work matches with your personal website design Melbourne goals. 

Assessing the Company’s Experience in the Industry
You want to choose professionals in website design Melbourne has to offer that have experience in the industry in terms of length and depth. Companies that have seen changes throughout the years know what website design Melbourne has to offer should be. However, you also want to work with businesses that know how quickly the status quo can change when it comes to website design Melbourne. You don’t want your website to fall behind in the economic race because the design company is employing old strategies. 

When it comes to website design Melbourne has to offer, conducting your research leads you to the best solution for your company.

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